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Jack Company and our 100% USA made hydraulic jacks/ service lifting equipment. This should be pavement, asphalt, or some other hard, solid surface. Jack up the other wheel, change the tires. One safe way to raise the front end on your Dodge Ram 1500 is to do so is behind the front wheel on the driver's side. 5 inches. I jack up each side and then use Race Ramp Cribs under each wheel. The benefits related to this related to the vehicle slipping on the jack stands. Use wheel chocks Follow vehicle  DESIGN HAS CHANGED: https://safejacks. Place the jack underneath the rear axle on either side. To be used with Part #14121 and #14011; Increase Jack stability, particularly on soft surfaces May 10, 2010 · For our car, is it safe to put the jack stands (two of them, both at front, two spare wheels to the rear) under control arm instead of jack point provided by audi manual? I just sold my wheels and there is this "off time" while i'm getting new wheels, i don't know if it hurts anything by putting stands under arms for like 1+ weeks. If the jack slips out from under a load, workers may not have enough time to get out of the way, so adjustable stands or other substantial support should also be placed underneath the load so that it will not fall if the jack slips or fails. No matter the lifting job, rely on bottle jacks, floor jacks, service jacks and more from Northern Tool. The front subframe lifting point is unacceptable for support with a jackstand due to being off-center. Never ever get under a car that isn't securely held by solid supports like a jackstand. Compact Jack Stands, Compact Wheel Chocks, additional ram extensions and jack pads are available separately. Jack stands are also commonly known as vehicle support stands. Mechaniker July 6, 2016, 1:48am #3 Black Jack 3 Ton Jack Stands Pair. Jacking Up the Rear End. Support the lifted vehicle with jack stands. Torin Jack 1007102 at $34. These jack stands were sold under the Pittsburg brand name, and can be identified by item numbers 56371 or 61196 on 3-ton models, and 61197 on 6-ton models. Some jack stands cannot be  RennStand is the first and only vehicle safety stand with usable height adjustment that allows you to put your jack and safety stand at the same point under your  3 Ton Mobile Home Adjustable Car Lift Safe Jack Stands,Car Jack Stand , Find Complete Details about 3 Ton Mobile Home Adjustable Car Lift Safe Jack Stands   Results 1 - 24 of 26 The best jack stands for cars and trucks keep you safe, provide easier access to underbody work surfaces, and keep vehicles in the needed  SAFE JACK web site: http://www. Save 50%. Just stupid. It uses the heavy duty pin for adjustable heights. When necessary to provide a firm foundation, the base of the jack should be blocked or cribbed. I did it once, and looking back I feel like an idiot. Bing July 5, 2016, 8:04pm #20 This jack stand is 6-Ton capacity. Just be sure the jack is under the center of the housing and not on an ear or situated where it might crush a brake line or damage a Pick up a jack stand or screw jack from Grainger for jacking up and resting vehicles while you work on them. 87. It allows jacking and supporting using interchangeable jack pads designed for the vehicle. Oct 23, 2018 · this video is a few months OVERDUE lol I purchased these new jack stands a while back but as always I either didn't have the car or didn't have the time !! the stars finally aligned and this is Nov 17, 2017 · Short video looking at the advantages of locking jack stands. I had a good friend who used jack stands out on a what appeared to be solid crushed rock driveway. Very Solid. What about wood--say that big  6 Sep 2019 Always place the safety pin in your jack stand, or else the vehicle could fall on top of you while you're underneath it. Nov 28, 2016 · The concept of placing a car on jack stands may seem simple, but it actually involves quite a bit of steps. safe jack - safety accessories The Jack Stand Base Plate and Adaptor can be used in conjunction with our Bottle Jack Recovery Kit accessories, extending the reach of your Jack Stand. Set of 2 premium jack stands with capacity of 2t. In-Store Only Add to My List. June 2020. Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands. Pittsburgh Automotive. We work only on appointment so we are sure we When using axle stands it is vital that you place them at the correct points in which to support the vehicle while ensuring that the safety locking pins are securely fixed in place. sustain the load. My 6" minimum jack can't even slide underneath it to get the crossmember that's more amidships. 0 (average of 40 opinions) Small liquorstore with the focus on all jack daniel's related items. Long Lasting. Compare to. The Car’s Profile. The stands feature double-lock protection and a safety pin design that helps ensure safe use. Let Bill and the crew at CJ’s show you how to properly jack up your 2015-2020 Mustang using a floor jack and jack stands. There's one correct way to lift the rear end of a truck using the spare tire jack. Let Jason show you all of the other steps necessary to ensure a safe, effective way Tackling the driveshaft install today, recently got a set of the powerbuilt unijack's. The 18M-RS3 is rated for 3 tons. Assuming your Tesla weighs 5000 lbs. Results 1 - 24 of 409 Online shopping for Jack Stands - Vehicle Lifts, Hoists & Jacks from a great selection at Automotive Store. Chock the vehicle’s wheels. The 6-Ton Jack Stands from Husky are ideal The 6-Ton Jack Stands from Husky are ideal for SUVs, light trucks and standard automobiles. I've seen too many Nov 26, 2013 · The Safe T Jack combines the features of a floor jack and jack stand into one unit. Safe. Step 4 – Lower vehicle onto jack stands. Lift Capacity (lb), 12,000 lb. More options available. The jack is not safe enough to work under. The acceptable jack stand locations are the reinforced areas of the rocker panels (the same locations for jacking), the rear subframe, and the rear-most mounts of the front control arms. More + Product The jack stand will dig into the wood as well. I made a set of jack stands to support the rear of the car at just the right I always jack up the rear first (use the center of the rear-end) and place jack stands on each side of the rear end. Make sure the jack and vehicle are at a safe working height and the setup is stable before positioning the jack stands. Step 5 – Place jack stands . give the car a bit of a shake to make sure it’s safe to get Product Title Black Jack 2. We also offer many bottle jack kits as well as jack stands. Add to Cart Add to My List. Capacity (tons), 6 tons. 35 $ 22 . Item Name, Jack Stand. It can be used with most floor/ trolley jacks. Never ever get under a car that's only held up by a jack. ” Screw Jack. Make sure to put blocks or chocks  Jack stands are necessary for your safety when working under your car. This base plate has a smaller surface area at 8" x 14", but it also securely latches to your Hi-Lift. HEYNER® Premium Jack Stand 2 tons. (January 24 Revolutionary SAFE™ (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology delivers flight control that's a quantum leap forward. I've looked through the owner's manual and YouTube to see how to put a Model S on jack stands, and I don't see how it's done. 00 $ 70 . Always use caution when jacking a vehicle. Each jack stand has a 3 ton lifting capacity with a total lift capacity of 12,000 lbs combined. Safe Jack products make common jacks uncommonly safe. . Height One pair of 2 ton double locking jack stands with patented safety pin designed for safe, secure working conditions. "Put your jack stands on the axle" "Put jack stands on the pinch weld" The owner's manual mentions only the pinch welds near the wheels as jacking points, but it is referring explicitly to using the included scissor jack in emergency situations. The Secret of Giving You Extra Safety to Work On Automotive Omega 32225B Jack Stand is the 22-Ton pin style Jack Stand and was designed with the safety in mind. Manage Vehicles Jack Stands & Lifting Accessories Safe Operating Procedures for Jacks and Stands. Homemade Jack Stands: My car requires a maintenance procedure that makes it necessary to raise the car off of the floor, but also to keep it level. Powerbuilt All-in-One: Best for Off-Roading Jeep drivers and off-roaders know how important a jack is in a bad situation. Replacement Parts Shop 45 Jack Stands at Northern Tool + Equipment. This ensures that the vehicle is sitting squarely on the jack stands and that the jack stand saddles have full contact with the support points. Wide base feet to resist sinking into soft asphalt; Large saddle unitized frame construction Yeah. Dec 24, 2012 · Now jack stands. Safe Jack offers accessories for Hi-Lift, farm style jacks. Proudly powered by Weebly. For any RV being raised up with a floor jack, it’s much safer to always have at least two tires (or one side) safely on the ground at all times. Place a 4x4 piece in between the jack pad (under it) and the floor. Trailer jack stands are designed to level a semi-trailer while preventing the accidental upending of that trailer during loading and unloading. After jacking vehicles, the use of jack stands is mandatory. A hydraulic floor jack is a necessity for almost any DIY auto repair. , the most you would support with one Safe Jack is half of that at 2500 lbs. May 16, 2012 · I have noticed this too, one time to the point where the jack stands were rocked 1-2" off the ground D: Big improvements came from two things: getting a jack that rolls really easily on the surface I was jacking from and aligning the jack perpendicular to the side of the car. It has a built-in “jack stand” for easy and safe lifts. From the exceptional quality of our products to our focus on assisting customers after the sale, every part of our business is designed to serve you. If you don't have jack stands, I strongly recommend you acquire some (at least a pair, preferably 2 pairs). 35 FREE Shipping Apr 14, 2008 · Your letter has been forwarded to OSHA's Directorate of Enforcement Programs (DEP). We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The jack stands feature an adjustable load saddle with a lifting range of 12 inches to 17. Very Nice. These jack stands adjust quickly from 11-3/4 in. for their time and assistance in hauling and shoring these Jack Stands & Lifting Accessories Installation Close. I have a low profile aluminum jack, and while putting the Rennstand on top, the thing won't even fit underneath at the jack points on a stock height, stock 2019 Subaru Impreza. Then, slide your jack stand in from the side of the vehicle, and line up the divot on the stand with one of your vehicle's pinch points, which are located behind the tires on the May 10, 2017 · Safe Jack products make common jacks uncommonly safe. I also like ramps better than jack stands, however jack stands are safe if correctly used and I do use them when appropriate. The patented Rennstand is revolutionary because it solves the problem of jacking and supporting in Others place the jack under the engine block. 14000. , Ltd. Rating 5. • Always set the jack on a firm and level foundation. You now have a safe jack that won't collapse regardless if hydraulic pressure is lost. 00 Place the two rear jack stands in proper support locations and lower the rear onto those stands. Then let the jack down and go to the front, there is a place made to put the jack in the front, center of the truck and jack until both tires are off the ground. Adjust-A-Roll™ Beam Jax™ Big V ; Econo Mac™ 75 ; FAB SAF™ Jack ; FAT Jack™ Fold-A-Jack ; Heavy Duty Jack ; Hi Boy™ Hold-E ; MAX JAX* MAX Jack Stands > Item# 68166; Item #68166 is no longer available. 3. This type of jack is a durable, safe design that is widely used in both small cars and large trucks. Jack Stands 1-24 of 335 results for Automotive : Tools & Equipment : Garage & Shop : Vehicle Lifts, Hoists & Jacks : Jack Stands Pro-LifT T-6903D Double Pin Jack Stand - 3 Ton, 1 Pack A1: Each Racing Red Safe Jack is rated for 3 tons US or 2,722 KG. Min. Anything that can support and protect the rotating center section has to be. 34" to 16. KTool KTI61205 at $55. Jack Stand. Use a pair of jack stands every time you lift a vehicle and you will vastly decrease the likelihood of becoming a victim of a falling vehicle. When I expect to leave a vehicle up, I like to have it (ideally) up on 4 jack stands (so that the vehicle is rather level), or at least up on 2 jack stand (i. It includes two heavy-duty steel jack stand with a load capacity of 4000 lbs, making them suitable for emergency tire changes, repairs and more. 2 Piece Rubber Jack Stand Pads Protectors Fits Most 3 & 6 Ton Stands . I bought mine at PepBoys. Contains stable rack ULTRA- SAFE Premium axle jack stand 2t. A jack stand malfunction could not only result in injury but death as well. Is it safe to put the jack stands on top of cinder blocks? Search " " across the entire site Search " " in this forum Search " " in this discussion – Always use a pair of Jack stands. People don’t die all the time under failing jack stands, but it does happen. 28 May 2020 Consumer Advisory: Warning to Harbor Freight Jack Stand Users of these jack stands are asked to immediately discontinue use due to safety  Your Safe Jack Trail Jacks source with low prices and FREE shipping on orders over $50*. Feb 06, 2019 · Sure. What is the safe way to get a car completely off the ground on 4 jack stands? I've got a floor jack and can easily get the rear safely jacked up from the rear jack point and the 2 rear jack stands placed. In the past the most common jacks were screw jack stands which had an acme style thread which are easily manufactured, high strength and typically found where heavy loads are required. Double locking pawl and tooth design for extra protection. It's real nice having the SFC's to use for jackstands actually. Lifting Range: 9-13/16" to 14-15/16"The Torin 2-Ton Jack Stand is a must-have accessory for all automobile owners. All of our vehicle support stands (garage/ jack stands) are rated per pair, and not per stand, as this is the new industry standard as of 12/29/15. Even if you don’t own a set of these particular jack stands, it may be a good On March 20, 2020, Harbor Freight recalled six-ton jack stands made between June 2013 and November 2019. Thanks to Niemiec Marine and Burr Bros. Just as an example, my previous car (a Subaru BRZ) has front and rear jack points and 4 points along the pinch welds that can both be jack points or support points (for jack stands, lifts, etc. Product Line : ESCO - Equipment Supply Co. PART NO. Bogert Manufacturing Inc. SAFE JACK brand, Jack Stands, Jack Extensions, Jack and Wheel Chocks all fit into a compact kit for safely  27 Mar 2020 Any routine service work or repairs on the transmission, transfer case or axle differentials requires use of safety jack stands. at a maximum height of 21 in. Today a range of jack stands are available such as air or pneumatic assist hydraulic Safe Jack Universal Stabiliser Base Plate. Source from Jiaxing Lize  11 May 2020 Many people also swear by ramps for the safety factor—auto ramps are generally thought to be more stable than jack stands and there's less of  Brand Name, Pro. The Verdict. Their high synchronization and reliability make them suitable for a broad range of uses where alternative handling methods cannot achieve tangible results. Figure 4. To my mind a set of securely built wooden jack stands could be built safer than the steel ones or would be good backups to the steel ones. 51 $ 217 . I'm wondering if any other spots would be safe. 4. Jack Stands 6 Ton Set Pair of 2 Ratcheting Locking Adjustable Automotive $0 SHIP. But to be safe, always put the spare wheel under the car. Is it going to be that easy to lift up the switch when the jack is under the car or will the weight of the car prevent the switch from being raised? Jun 07, 2020 · As such, you should always go for quality models owing to the importance of these devices. Work quite well alongside my regular jack - much much easier than using the regular jack stands. Save 31%. Place the jack underneath one side of the frame rail at a time, lift it to the desired height, and then place a jack stand under it. Once you have raised your vehicles, placing Jack stand under the vehicle at the appropriate points will help share the loads and provide a safety mechanism, should the jack fail. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 1. It comes in a triangular shape similar to that of a tower or a tripod and is mostly sold in pairs to elevate both sides of the car. £23. Total cost: close to zero, if you do your own welding. Instead, they provide a safe, fixed support for a raised vehicle. The purpose of the jack is to raise the vehicle, but the jack stand holds the vehicle in place. This option won’t work for suspension or brake tasks, but for changing oil or most other things they work well. In Stock. 1. 2 ) out of 5 stars 90 ratings , based on 90 reviews Current Price $70. Hi Bill, They came yesterday and they are wonderful. Apr 30, 2018 · While ratchet-type jack stands are safe enough, pin-type stands are almost indestructible, since the locking pin makes it impossible for the supporting bar to slip through the base. safejacks. Support the front of a truck by placing the jack stands directly under the frame. Jack Stands, Car Jack Truck Jack Car Jack Stand Jack Stands Safe Jack 2Pcs Metal Jack Stands Repairing Tool for Rc4Wd D90 Cc01 Scx10 Wraith Traxxas TRX-4 Rc Truck $22. $ 8 99. Our compact, nesting Wheel Chocks take up very little space and can be stowed in the Recovery kit bags with your extensions. Slowly lower the jack until the vehicle's weight The following recommendations are important for the safe use of jacks. Position the jack stands right below the area of the Jacks must be placed on a firm, level surface perpendicular to the load in order to work efficientially. Give your Jeep or Safe Jack Rennstand By Safe Jack - 18M-RS3  3 Ton Mobile Home Adjustable Car Lift Safe Jack Stands,Car Jack Stand, US $ 20. Ratchet Type. Jack stands do not lift vehicles. You are to blame if a car falls on you because you used a jack to uphold it for you. You get excited about getting to work, you forget the jackstands at home, or your just in a hurry to get done. To avoid slippage of the metal cap of the jack, place a wooden block between the jack head and the contact surface of Jack's Safe. Both extremely compact and height-adjustable, it is also lightweight, versatile and strong. Jun 23, 2009 · The jack point notches are meant for the M shaped jack top, but if you are using stands, floor jack, or a shop lift, you should use the hard points as defined in the Factory Service Manual. (View the PDF of the recall document here for more details. Jack back up. Each year, several people including mechanics suffer from serious and fatal injuries using logs, bricks or scissor-style jacks to uphold the vehicle they work on. Use with jacks that are up to 12 inches wide (Most floor jacks). So it sounds like I am safe in using the pumpkin as a jacking point. Check it  12 Jun 2020 The frightening Harbor Freight jack stand recall has us thinking about safer ways to use jacks and jack stands to work under your car. Floor jacks are used to raise up one side of an automobile so that inspections and maintenance can be performed on the undercarriage. The jack can be placed along the frame and used to lift the vehicle for access to the undercarriage, or to keep the car off the ground when you need to remove a wheel. Thank you for your interest in U. Remove the tire, and replace it with the spare tire. September 26, 2018: Removed the Torin 40002A due to inconsistent weld quality, replaced with the well-known OTC 1730 Series models. You had a question concerning OSHA's Powered industrial trucks standard, 29 CFR 1910. Why? We apologize that this item is not Aug 15, 2019 · This floor jack is a bit different from the other floor jacks on this list. You may have to jack the car up, temporarily place a jack stand, remove the various splash panels, then re-jack and place the stands in a more desirable spot (fig. Safety first, every time. Then, support the vehicle by placing jack stands underneath the It safer to jack from a center jack point and place 2 jack stands at a time. I've never had a piece of wood fail doing this, although soft white pine sometimes comes out looking pretty beat up. Pro-LifT G-4630JSCB 3 Ton Heavy Duty Floor Jack/Jack Stands and Creeper Combo - Great for Service Garage Home Uses - Black 3. It's easy, sets up in seconds and it is safer for the vehicle and the operator. Caution: Substituting boxes, stones, or bricks for jack stands is very dangerous. Release the jack and make sure that the vehicle stays up far enough for the wheels not to touch the ground. 5 left. Pickup in Store not currently available. There are no exceptions. Keep jacks lubricated as recommended. NHTSA, complied detailed data on jack failure accidents in a special Research Note. These stands are the same as the old flat top 3000-GS1 jack stands by AC Hydraulic, except made by a different manufacturer. Previous. Try going to the shop where you bought the tires,,,, most have free rotation. It’s easy, sets up in seconds and it is safer for the vehicle and the operator. Get In Touch. 69. If you are wondering how safe are jack stands, Pro-Lift T-6906D is the answer for you. I bought 4 of these stands on the Safe Jack website. (October 28, 1999). Jul 24, 2019 · Pro-Lift T-6906D Double Pin Jack Stands. Many maintenance jobs cant be fully completed without being able to get underneath the automobile and take a look at the systems that arent available by simply looking under the hood. So far these have worked fine on a 2016 Mazda CX-5, 2015 Ford Edge, and 2014Honda Ridgeline These heavy-duty steel jack stands safely support loads up to 6000 lb. Front SFC area. A larger floor jack with make it much easier on you. Each jack stand includes an anti-sink base and superior stability. ) Safe Jack Rennstand  18 Aug 2017 Safe Jack products make common jacks uncommonly safe. 99 $ 239 . Jack Stands ideally suited to the professional trade workshop! Manufactured from heavy duty steel; Pin type for added safety and strength; Pin wire strap secured  12" x 12" Compact Jack Stand Kit. Once the vehicle is lifted enough to fit the jack stands on a solid part of the car underneath it, like the chassis, they can be carefully fitted and tested by hand for sturdiness, at which point the jack can be removed. safe use of jack stands. It allows   Safe Jack just made vehicle maintenance on the trail or at home a lot safer and compact enough to take along for the ride. Some boat manufacturers recommend positioning for blocks and jack stands, so check the owner’s manual or with the builder. Your paraphrased question and our response follow. Jacks & Stands . They're not expensive, so splurge and get a pair that's rated for your largest vehicle. Adapter pads in contact with exact support locations. 51 "Put your jack stands on the axle" "Put jack stands on the pinch weld" The owner's manual mentions only the pinch welds near the wheels as jacking points, but it is referring explicitly to using the included scissor jack in emergency situations. People get hurt and there are even lawyers that specialize in representing people injured by jacks and jack stands that fail. Adjust the height of the jack stand and carefully lower the jack until the frame rail is resting on the jack stand. You'll be able to lift everything from your car to other heavy-duty machinery in a safe and easy manner. In addition, it is designed with an extra-long frame to offer maximum stability, safety, and a low profile design that enables the user to get under most vehicles. Aug 08, 2016 · In general, auto enthusiasts are used to seeing portable scissor jacks, traditional jacks/stands and of course, a garage lift like MaxJax™ that resembles familiar two-post lifts. I woulda thought all I'd have to do then is jack the front of the car up and place the other two jack stands in the front. The NHTSA Research Note, put together using … Jul 30, 2008 · Keep safe. Jack stand locations, which are under the cross beam adapter, should directly correspond with the preferred support locations currently aligned with the adapter pads Jun 09, 2020 · Jack points are dedicated areas, for jacks and stands, that manufacturers place on vehicles so that owners can have a safe non-slip location to support the car from. since the vehicle is also supported by its other tires or other Safe Jack stands that distribute the weight. The 6-Ton Jack Stands from Husky are ideal for SUVs, light trucks and standard automobiles. 3 Ton Steel Jack Stands. Then simply repeat the process on the other side. If you are using axle stands with a triangular base, orientate the point of How your boat is "blocked" once it’s off the Travelift or the trailer is critical. About Trailer Jack Stands. Many RVers carry jack stands for various uses. And they feel much more safe than jack stands. The problem is getting it on 4 jack stands. Don’t get us wrong, floor jacks are amazing. I have a pair of these and a pair of the Safe Jack Stands, these are not made to the same quality standards as the Safe Jack Stands but it is hard to beat the price. A couple things to be 100% sure of when using them: -Make sure they car is on level ground. My favorite part is how safe I feel under them. It also sounds like I'll be returning the jack and stands (3ton, btw) and getting some better jack stands for the time being. Regardless of your next Mustang modification that requires you to get the car up in the air, be sure to check out CJ’s selection of 2015-2020 Mustang parts to make your Mustang handle, brake and accelerate quicker than ever! AmazonBasics Steel Jack Stands, 2 Ton Capacity - 1 Pair. Need installation help? Call 905-871-8081. Product Title Omega 32225b black heavy duty jack stand - 22 ton ca Average rating: 4 out of 5 stars, based on 1 reviews 1 ratings Current Price $217. Do not use a jack that is leaking fluid. Mar 25, 2013 · This isn't rocket science. You also need wheel chocks. Jack stands definitely are great on a level surface like a cemented driveway or garage. e. 5 In. Jan 05, 2020 · Unlike some heavy-duty jack stands, this one is very easy to maneuver as it comes with a swivel saddle with a rubber cushion and swivel wheels. I've seen too many The Safe Jack Recovery Kit includes: 1 each stackable 3”, 6” and adjustable 8-12” extensions, one flat and one universal/round jack pad as well as a tool bag. Alarmed by a recent fatal jack collapse incident in our city, our Houston jack failure accident lawyers decided to take a look at data from across the country. We discuss load ratings, lift heights, and jacks built for special concerns. Purpose. Work safely and securely underneath your vehicle with Work safely and securely underneath your vehicle with the Big Red 2-Ton Steel Double-Lock Jack Stands (2-Pack). 77" The Torin Jacks 3-Ton Jack Stand Pair is a must-have accessory for all automobile owners. NOTE: After final placement of the jack stands, leave the floor jack in a safeguard position that is not actually supporting the vehicle. Nov 11, 2016 · Step 7: Place jack stands in desired supporting spot: Refer to your vehicle owner manual for locations of jack stand supports. If this is not an option, and you don't have the right jack stands, jack up one wheel at a time. I personally would err on the side of caution and use a higher rated stand, but you could do it. Then, support the vehicle by placing jack stands underneath the Find The Right Car Jack For Your Shop Or Garage. Compare the rated capacity of the jack to the weight of the load to be lifted to ensure that the jack can safely do the job. 178, and the use of jack stands in the stabilization of semi-trailers. Most modern cars aren't designed to have room at a jacking point for the jack stand to be placed next to the jack. Two or more jack stands will be used whenever more than one side of the vehicle is to be lifted. Custom tuned for fixed or rotary wing aircraft, its evolutionary combination of multi-axis sensors and software incredibly make the aircraft intelligent enough to understand its flight attitude. 6 ton Steel Jack Stands $ 46 99. States that employers are entitled to require that persons who operate power pallet jacks at their worksites have a greater degree of training than is required by the regulation and that they be trained specifically in the equipment and conditions at its worksite. 2. Lincoln – 2 or 3 Ton Jack Stands. 00 - 26. Be sure to place it in a safe spot that you know can support the weight of the vehicle, without it slipping off the jack stand. The above selection consist of the best jack stands that you can get on the market today. Without them, you risk serious injury and quite possibly death. Is it safe to place wood between a car and a jack stand? YES, absolutely. Pittsburgh. We've compiled a step-by-step guide on how to properly jack up your truck. Says follow the lifting of any The 6-Ton Jack Stands from Husky are ideal for SUVs, light trucks and standard automobiles. 2 tons capacity; Range 10. The swivel casters are designed to position accurately under your vehicle. 27 Nov 2019 The Pro-Lift is a floor jack, so it's best for garages and paved surfaces. Rear axle or rear SFC area. Sep 12, 2017 · It is the same as a Snap On FJ1200 jack that sells for $600. If you aren't sure of a safe placement for the spare wheel then I would suggest asking that question here before starting the job. Jack Stand 3 Ton. Jack stands, typically sold in pairs, can hold anywhere from 2-1/2 tons to 25 tons. The price is reasonable for all the functions this floor jack delivers. We think you will be able to make a choice from the below table to choose a safe jack stand for your need. The Rennstand can extend to more than 16 inches. 99 May 30, 2020 · Assume the jack stands could fail or the car could fall at any given time, and for one of many possible reasons. To use jack stands, you need a hydraulic jack, which you use to lift one side of your car before sliding the jack stands underneath. Jacks. Type, Ratchet-type jack stands with safety pin. Change both wheels on that side. Repeat for other side. Range is anywhere from 5 inches up and when coupled with our jack pads, the combination is very stable. QuickJack, for lack of a better phrase, is sort of a wrench in the system because it looks and behaves unlike any of the other aforementioned car lifts. Hydraulic Jacks and Stands. It is important that after two stands are under one end, the other end lifted all at once (not one tire at a time which could twist the car off the front stands). Point. Rennen means RACE in German. 7 Jun 2016 Introducing a compact and lightweight new safety stand that works with a floor jack to allow you to both lift and support a vehicle by the factory  17 Apr 2015 There are jackstands under Jeff Koch's Dart, he informs us. PitStopUSA. Call or Click Today! FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25! 1-855-550-2626. Jan 27, 2020 · I jack from k-member or rear end and use jack stands. How high or low your vehicle is given another approach towards answering What Size Jack Do I Need for My Car. It uses a ratchet locking system which makes it even easier and safer. Worst mistake of my life. Omega 32066 Jack stand is designed with Magic Lift technology to make job done smooth and safe. Prothane 19-1413 at $17. Get free shipping on qualified Jack Stands or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Automotive department. I picked up some harbor freight 6 ton jack stands and they aren't tall enough. However, their versatility and ease of use can lead to a common misconception: some people think that jack stands are a waste of Sep 06, 2019 · To use jack stands, start by activating your vehicle's parking brake and jacking up the vehicle with a hydraulic floor jack so the tires are 2-3 inches off the ground. Jack Stand This jack stand is 6-Ton capacity. 99. A hydraulic lift arm raises the mechanical stand and vehicle to desired height, the stand then locks automatically into position. 00 / Piece, Car Jack, jack stand, CE ISO. Each jack stand is 100% factory tested for reliability and safety. I would like to know if you can lift a Model S with a floor jack, then rest it on jack stands to rotate the tires. Either use points noted in Figures 6 and 7, or place jack stands along the frame rails. Every year thousands of people are  10 May 2017 DESIGN HAS CHANGED: https://safejacks. Work with someone else on the property and within earshot, so that if the unthinkable happens, there’s someone to act straight away and call emergency services for you. This lift is one of the easiest types of lift to use, with its longer lever arm and simple motion action. When you work on vehicles, you use a jack to raise the vehicle and then securely support it on jack stands. Let teams of workers practice the correct method for using a jack with various pieces of equipment. Weighs in at 25 pounds for the pair! Solid stand. At Gray Manufacturing, we don’t just build jacks and truck lifts; we build solutions. Online shopping for Jack Stands - Vehicle Lifts, Hoists & Jacks from a great selection at Automotive Store. Black Jack 3 Ton Jack Stands Pair. com. The compact jack stands use our heavy duty jack extensions with a strong broad base to accommodate just about any vehicle supporting situation. RennStand is the first and only vehicle safety stand with usable height adjustment that allows you to put your jack and safety stand at the same point under your vehicle, so you never have to go outside of your car's factory designated jacking points again. It's a 3D printed necessary add-on for your Safe Jack Bottle Jack Recovery Kit, as it fills the space where our pads and extensions interface with the jack. Your Jack should be able to hold the weight of your vehicle, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. One corner sunk in kicking the car back enough to fall on him and crush him. I've left vehicles on jack stands for days, even weeks, but a jack, regardless of type, is prone to failure: they are designed to raise and lower, not to hold. 7. I paid $59. If needed, repeat these steps on the opposite side. 6 ton Steel Jack Stands. Jan 02, 2020 · If the jack stands are used properly, then yes, they are very safe. Jack the low side to bring the car closer to being level rather than to pitch it into a greater angle. With the car well up in the air, put a stand under a beefy suspension Issued Patents: US9080722, US9335001, US9573796 Additional Patents Pending. Stands and other car jacks are very useful tools to have in any amateur or professional garage or auto repair shop. and each quick-release pin is rated at 9000 lbs. Don’t forget that a jack is important, but MORE important (seriously) is jack stands. In May of 2020, Harbor Freight recalled a BUNCH of their stands made between 2012 and 2020. Jun 06, 2019 · Jack stands: Jack stands may be the most overlooked safety equipment items in a DIY garage. Hoping to upgrade to the quick jack BL-7000SLX later this year and in the next few years upgrade to a full size lift when I start building the cats new home. It can be used with most floor jacks having a lift saddle of 3 inches in diameter or larger. Use wheel chocks and follow vehicle manufactures jacking instructions. Carrying item numbers 56371, 61196, and 61197, the seen-everywhere jack stands first showed up in National Highway Traffic Safety Administration documentation back in March (6-ton) and earlier in May (3-ton). They can be purchased with or without the jack. 8 in. PN: 17103UPC: 854185005813 Every jack comes with a warning similar to this one. But 4 good jack stands and the jack as backup where you’re working is about as safe as you can get without installing a lift. The best jack stands for cars and trucks keep you safe, provide easier access to underbody work surfaces, and keep vehicles in the needed position for hours or even days. 3 Ton Steel Jack Stands $ 23 99. Save 16%. If I lift the front up first and then lift the rear up, either the front slides forward or tilts the jack stands or something unsafeor while I'm jacking the rear swings out and so the jacking point needs to slide around as well. 80 (1 used offer) 4. Items 1 - 60 of 308 BLACKJACK Ratcheting Jack Stands - 3 Ton Capacity 4Pcs Jack Pad Lift Point Pad Adapter Safe Raise Tool Aluminum For Tesla Model 3. As setup like the one in the video would be able to apply thousands of pounds of force to the stump without any danger of the 2x4s failing. They ESCO 10498 is designed to protect car frame instead of the traditional curved saddle. Jan 05, 2008 · How safe are jack stands? I just bought some jack stands today and I noticed how fast and easy the bar falls after releasing the switch. Here is the top-rated Torin jack stands list: Torin Big Red T42002A double locking steel jack stands (Our Top Pick)The Torin big red T4200A car jack stand is a powerful tool that offers motorists the much-needed support as they work under their car. by AmazonBasics. I decided to get some replacements for my old ratchet-only type jack/axle stands, which I was never quite happy with in terms of Aug 27, 2017 · This is a review of the Safe Jack Rennstand 18M-RS2. Plan accordingly using the tips below for back-up protection. This will transfer the weight of the vehicle from the jack to the stands. Floor jacks clutter  The stands comply with ASME Safety Standards and offer a support range of 11 ¼ to 16 ¾ inches. Jacks and jack stands are extremely safe and reliable as long as they are used correctly and the correct jack and stand is used for the vehicle weight. Nov 17, 2017 · Position the axle stands placed at the specified jacking points. Lower the jack until the vehicle is resting on the jack stands. 3 Ton Mobile Home Adjustable Car Lift Safe Jack Stands,Car Jack Stand , Find Complete Details about 3 Ton Mobile Home Adjustable Car Lift Safe Jack Stands,Car Jack Stand,Safe Jack Stands,Safe Jack,3 Ton Jack Stand from Car Jacks Supplier or Manufacturer-Jiaxing Lize Power Source Trading Co. Only buy and use approved jacks and jack stands (AS/NZS 2615:2004 for jacks; AS/NZS 2538:2004 for jack stands). The vehicle handbook will show the locations; Carefully lower the vehicle onto the jacking stands; Some people like to leave the jack in position as well, so it can work as a fail-safe should there be any problem with the axle stands. Next, put the handbrake on, put the car into gear (or park if it's an auto) and turn off the engine. With the vehicle up on all four jack stands, gently shake the vehicle side to side and up and down. A vehicle jack uses the power of hydraulics to lift up part of a car allowing the user access to change a tire or perform repairs or maintenance. Jack Stand is constructed of heavy duty steel. Just be sure the jack is under the center of the housing and not on an ear or situated where it might crush a brake line or damage a Feb 15, 2011 · It is safe to put a car on 4 jack stands if it is on a very level surface and it is done correctly. Lifting range from 15. You can never go wrong with any of the above-listed jack stands. Push down on the jack stand lock handle to secure the jack stands in place and prevent the jack stands from falling. To use, the Safe T Jack and stand are wheeled under vehicle to place stand under lift point. Very expensive. 7 out of 5 stars 80. Only possible reason is tire rotation. Secondary supports shall always be used with jack stands. So we reviewed the best jack stands depending on the application you need. And it's safe if done like DKup sez, even though my stands are ony 2-ton (the whole car doesn't weigh 2 tons wet, so I'm okay ) Safety first, every time. “it was determined that product quality had become inconsistent due to aging of the Hypothetical question: Say your AWD car is on 4 jack stands with all the wheels off of the ground. 6 out of 5 stars 27 $239. To be used with Part #14121 and #14011; Increase Jack stability, particularly on soft surfaces Apr 25, 2017 · In order to increase the stability, you can utilize stands, which suit the size and types (Hydraulic or Scissors) of jacks that you are using. Cross-view back-up mirrors on delivery trucks. Nov 25, 2016 · Place jack stands underneath each of the jacking points on the sides up front, and lower the car down onto the jack stands. To define the safe operating procedures in a manner that informs and instructs employees of [Employer/Organization Name] on the key health and safety hazards and controls to remember when using jacks and stands. What's important is that the vehicle's weight is supported securely. With Lift Stands the car is basically sitting on the ground…just 14″ higher. To know how to jack your car safely, read this article. 1-16 of over 1,000 results for "Safe Jack" Skip to main search results BIG RED T43004 Torin Aluminum Jack Stands with Locking Support Pins: 3 Ton (6,000 lb Sep 17, 2008 · Lift from the factory-recommended jack points, which you can find in the glove box, on a placard or with the jack and tools. Figure 6. Double welds. RENNSTAND(R) is the innovative multi-patented automotive safety stand that allows you to lift and support your vehicle at the factory designated jacking points. Jacks and jack stands explained. NEW. With jack stands I get a little nervous under the car pulling on exhaust or doing anything that requires some muscle. Thanks for any advice you can offer! GMB The jack is doing almost all of the work, the 2x4s only have to resist a small fraction of the total force. Could you put the car in gear and drive it to check for drive train related problems or will something get messed up with the absence of friction on the tires? Safety Recall on 3 ton & 6 ton Heavy Duty Steel Jack Stands - Pittsburgh Automotive. To answer your question. the entire front is up: I have this weird theory that cars don't like to be The RennStand by Safe Jack. Home About Contact Us How To Purchase Jack stands are typically bulky and they don’t have a wide range of operation. Once one side of the car is propped up, you go to the other Automotive Jacks. While a boat can be blocked properly on cement blocks, jack stands (aka "boat stands" or "poppets") are the pro’s choice. Or doing some homemade DIY jack stands that aren’t actually safe. Chock the wheels. JACK'S SAFE - Tasting Selection - Cardboard box - 24 Assortment (2 x 12) €124,50 €99,00 Filled Cardboard box containing an assortment of no less than 24 different Jack Daniel's samples. If you are using them on anything but good concrete, forget them and use concrete blocks with wood. A set of ramps supports the front wheels. Lift the truck by lifting the rear axle. 9 Oct 2019 Q: Can I lift just one side of a vehicle with jack stands? A: Yes, but you have to follow some safety precautions. Rubber Pads For Jack Stand, 2 Pc. Jack points are usually located near the front and rear wheels, but their exact locations vary with each vehicle. This can cause an extreme amount of pressure on the engine and could cause the block to crash. Apr 06, 2020 · Jack stands provide a fail-safe system for supporting vehicles when suspended off the ground. I would then lower that side onto appropriate (read: weight capable) safety jack stands. no. The pumpkin is a tough housing. , with a large base and saddle. From there, I jack up the rear and put it on stands, then go to the front and jack it up onto stands so the whole thing sits level but high enough to do everything needed. If a jack stand says it's rated at 1 ton, then conceivably if you had an 8000 lb vehicle, you could use one at each corner. S. I read a Honda document that said the jack stands should be placed at those jack points, but I don't see how I'd be able to do that if I lift the car from that same point. This type of jack stand is the preferred stand for heavy vehicles, because it is the strongest, and most reliable stand to use in this application. It has a patented triple lift and fit for both motorcycles and the most kind of vehicles. 25 Ton Jack Stands in Case Black - T82253W Average Rating: ( 3. Wasted $500+ on these jack stands that don't even fit underneath my cars. With over 2,000,000 Brownell Boat Stands in use, the system is proven safe and preferred by professionals world wide. All jack stands shall be provided with labels indicating the proper procedure to be followed (generally provided by the manufacturer). As with ramps and jacks, be careful to check that the axle stands you plan on using are sufficiently rated to support your vehicle’s full weight. I really just want a jack stand to support the car while doing brakes so have no intention of going under and i have a ton of 2x4's lying around. for repair work or storage. This allows you to safely jack the car up from the front or rear and allow the car to pivot at the wheels with the weight fully supported instead of Tackling the driveshaft install today, recently got a set of the powerbuilt unijack's. Jack up the wheel with rear lift point using a hoist or it would seem to me perfectly suitable position to settle on jack stands on if a suitable load spreader was used between stand and body (not to use as a single jacking point though) are indicated as a large flat area just in front of the rear leaf spring , the load should be spread over a wide area. This should be coupled with jack stands to hold the vehicle safely if the jack should fail. Gray 20,000 TAJS-2000 Truck Air Jack Stand with Extension TAJS-2000 W/ Extension Gray 25 Ton Vehicle Support Jack Stand (12"-20") 25-TF Dec 15, 2014 · Place jack stands under the frame regardless of how the truck is jacked up. Safe Jack jack stands are compact and very adaptable to your situation. )These are Mar 07, 2018 · Using jack stands is the oldest (and least safe) way to lift a car. It's made of heavy-duty steel, includes a lever for lifting, and has a safety  17 Sep 2008 That means jack stands. Safe Jack Universal Stabiliser Base Plate. art. Made in USA. Color Box Package. If it doesn’t have the sticker, it isn’t certified — end of argument. If possible, remove all loads from vehicle to ensure an unexpected load shift does not Selecting the right jack stand will provide you with a safe and reliable means to change tires, oil and do repairs on your vehicle for years to come so look at it as an investment and get the best quality jack stands you can afford, like any of the three top rated models we have reviewed here. “Warning! To avoid injury or death,  Gaither GT-20MS Moore-Safe Jack 20 Ton. Aside from the lower cost, familiarity and ease of use that accompanies ramps, the sheer safety aspect of ramps over jack stands has us recommending these to our customers to ensure complete peace of mind. ). to 23. Never work under a vehicle that is supported solely by a vehicle jack. Item #s 56371, 61196, 61197 These Item #s can be found on the label on the top of the 3 ton stand (56371) and the Yellow Label on the base of 6 ton stand (61196 & 61197). if jack stand rating is 6 tons, maximum permitted load is limited to 3 tons). If you couldn’t tell by now, Discount Ramps thoroughly supports the use of ramps when it comes to DIY automotive care. Safeguard 6-Ton Quick-Start Jack Stands — Pair, Model# 63061 Find Similar Items . Give Jacks, Lifts, and Hoists the High Safety Priority They Deserve Each year serious injuries and deaths occur in the workplace as a result of unsafe jack, stands, lifts, and hoist use. Part # : ESC 10497. Once you’re confident the jack stands are safely holding the vehicle, you can lower the jack far enough to remove it from under the vehicle. Jun 03, 2015 · Jack stands play a big role anytime you choose to jack up your truck because they are what holds the weight of the truck and keeps it stable and safe for you to work underneath it. You then use the hydraulic jack to lower the car until it rests on the jack stands. Photo by Jeff Koch. Daytona Mar 15, 2020 · To avoid personal injury or damage to your car, always inspect the jack stand for damage and corrosion and ensure that the jack stand you are using is rated beyond the load you are using it to hold. All the highlighted models are safe, reliable, and feature durable construction. The jack stand will make a ratcheting noise as you raise them. setups are stable. These Jacks Meet Osha Requirements To Support A Semitrailer And Prevent Upending During The Loading Or Unloading When The Trailer Is Not Coupled To A Tractor. Jack stands are perfectly acceptable when used properly but there always seems like there’s a minor chance the car could come off them. Comments: Is it safe to jack the front up on both sides? Of course I will use cinder blocks in case it falls, but I'm replacing the water pump and need more room. 5 in. Oct 24, 2016 · Jack stands are solid metal supports that can slide in beside your jack to take the weight of the automobile (up to their maximum rating, of course), allowing you to remove the jack itself and work safely. dba Safe Jack 3606 N. I think the manual you were referring to is the owners manual, which tells drivers how to fix a flat. Hyper Tough 2 Ton Jack Stand Single Unit. The 2 ton Jack stands start at $89. Jack stands shall always be used in pairs. com/products/the-rennstand-by-safe- jack-single-unit MADE IN AMERICA - Each pin is rated for over 9K LBS single  28 Mar 2018 The Best Car Jack Stand. To be on the safe side we'd recommend using jacks and axle stands that are rated in excess of the total vehicle weight rather than just the weight of the heaviest axle. A 5000 lb A jack stand is a staple car kit used to conveniently jack up your vehicle off the floor, support its weight and above all, critical for a safe access in tire repair or underside for the rim. The load rating must be prominently displayed on the jack. I've owned several low-slung cars in the past but this is one of the lowest-clearance chassis for such a large American car. #200 Pasco, WA 99301 (509) 735-2106 Business Hours: Monday - Friday 8AM PST - 5PM PST - Jun 12, 2020 · Harbor Freight's recall covers some 3-ton and 6-ton "Pittsburgh" brand jack stands with item numbers 56371, 61196, and 61197. 25 Ton Trolley Jack with 2. 12 Ton Steel Feb 06, 2019 · Sure. Use jack stands to support your vehicle, not Trailer Stabilizing Jacks & Stabilizers At Global Industrial. You can get these at ESCO Model 10498 Jack Stand Now you can get the popular ESCO 3 ton jack stands from us. This 3-Ton Light Duty Truck Jack Kit from This 3-Ton Light Duty Truck Jack Kit from Husky can easily lift up to 6,000 lbs. Although safety responsibility for these devices must be shared between employer and employee, the ultimate responsibility for safety lies with the individual Aug 4, 2017 - (22) JACK STAND REVOLUTION by SAFE JACK – The RENNSTAND - YouTube Bottle jacks also aren’t the best for uneven surfaces, so it’s smart to get jack stands for extra support. Browse a variety of top brands in Jack Stands such as ESCO, Blackhawk Automotive, and Safeguard from the product experts. They are rated for a reason, and there are load bearing tests they do before labeling a jack stand. Background The following recommendations are important for the safe use of jacks. to a maximum of 16-3/8 in. They can slip out or break while you're under the car. The dual purpose handle serves as a carry handle and has a saddle column release. May 30, 2020 · Slowly turn the handle counterclockwise to lower the jack. The Safe Jack ESC stands for Extension Screw Collar. Make sure the jack stand saddles are contacting vehicle surfaces which can support the load. Liftting Range: 11. 99 for a pair. More + Product Details Close Nov 28, 2013 · Place jack stands under the front-to-rear legs of the "H" assembly and you're in business. Jan 26, 2015 · Stop when you have reached a height that allows for the introduction of jack stands. You can now work safely on your vehicle, but always stay mindful of jack stand (i. The patented Rennstand is revolutionary because it solves the problem of jacking and supporting in the right spot. A jack stand on the other hand is a solid piece of metal and is designed to hold. com offers a huge selection pit equipment including air density gauges, aluminum AN wrenches, aluminum racing jacks, car service ramps, carburetor boxes, engine and rear end cases, canopies, fuel jugs, fuel funnels, air tanks, impact guns, jack stands, radio systems and scanners, scale systems, timing lights, tire pressure gauges Safe Jack also offers wide base plates for bottle jacks. Trailer Jack Stands, used with wheel chocks, meet OSHA guidelines and make your work environment easier to navigate. The wide bases provide great floatation and stability and the interchangeable and stackable extensions let you extend to any practical height. EDIT: Here's the pic I'm referring to 4 Best Torin jack stands review 2020. Moreover, its strategically angled jack point makes it safer to use. If the plastic base isn't for you, check out the steel jack base from Safe Jacks. Use our jack stands with wheel chocks and our stable jack systems for maximum stability and safety. Dependable. Pin-style vehicle stands found here hold up to 35 tons, and screw jacks lift up to 25 tons. - Magic Lift to Raise Ratchet Bar to Load Automatically - One Piece Multi Position Ductile Iron Ratchet Bar - Counter Weighed Paw to Lock Ratchet Bar Securely - Sturdy, Welded Steel Construction Specifications - Capacity (Pair): 6 Ton - Min. ** Step 8: Slowly lower jack until vehicle rests on jack stands: The vehicle should rest on the jack stands; not the jack itself if you are working underneath the vehicle. $44. It is the best jack stand for May 20, 2020 · The company has issued recalls on its 3-ton and 6-ton jack stands, sold under the Pittsburgh name, out of fear they could collapse suddenly. I'll be on the lookout for a reasonably priced jack in the mean time. Lower the car or truck until it almost touches the saddle of the jack stand. Dec 15, 2014 · Place jack stands under the frame regardless of how the truck is jacked up. Handle jacks carefully. to 16. The National Center for Statistics and Analysis, part of the U. 5 & 6). Aug 01, 2002 · Carolina - 3 Ton Jack Stands. Swallow Ave. A unique jack stand that allows the jack and jack stand to be placed at the same designated vehicle life point. Part of the Australian Standard requires them to be fitted with a huge sticker stating they have been certified to meet or exceed these standards. These are the jack stands that I ended up buying. Jan 27, 2015 · Jack Stands Are The Safe Way To Support Your Vehicle If you don’t have a lift, jack stands are the strongest, safest option for keeping a vehicle raised. I do this Jun 20, 2016 · Jack stands are important tools that keep a vehicle propped up after having used a floor jack, like a scissor jack or a hydraulic jack, to lift a vehicle. The company believes the defect is only in recent batches of the jack stands in question, but they recalled all of them to be on the safe side. I imagine once the car is on 4 jack stands everything is fine. BASIC BOAT STAND USE: This video will show you just how quick, safe, and easy the Brownell Boat Stands System can shore a boat. 33 In. Cars are big, heavy and dangerous, but with a few precautions you can change a tire, inspect the undercarriage or perform maintenance in a This homemade jack stand goes together quickly (two hours maximum) and easily (only ten welds) and is about as sturdy as they come. you save, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to bone up on jack safety. August 26, 2014 : Followup from the Pelican Staff: Figure 4 shows the front end of the vehicle in the air, supported by jack stands. A crucial component of any workshop is a car jack. Jan 30, 2019 · Best Jack Stands: Top 7 Safe Jack Stand Reviews Before we go into the reviews of each of the top rated jack stands, let us have a quick glance at our top picks. Both places are strong enough to support the weight of the vehicle without buckling. com/products/the-rennstand-by-safe- jack-single-unit MADE IN AMERICA - Each pin is rated for over  23 Oct 2018 this video is a few months OVERDUE lol I purchased these new jack stands a while back but as always I either didn't have the car or didn't  4 Apr 2018 Hey Car Enthusiasts and DIYers! If you have a Volkswagen GTI or similar newer vehicle you already know that lifting your car on to jack stands  27 Aug 2017 Products used in this video: (Amazon Associates links - As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Common all over the world, screw jacks are vital tools wherever there is a need to hold, lift, align, and position a load. safe jack stands

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